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Resources and Suggested Links

Social Determinants of Health and Inequities

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDH) Key Concepts:

    The World Health Organization approaches SDH from a global point of view, describing drivers of health inequities.

  • Minority Health disparities:

    The Kaiser Family Foundation Minority Health page provides health disparities fact sheets and authoritative data.

  • The Uninsured and health disparities:

    The Kaiser Family Foundation page on Health Coverage and the Uninsured provides a broad range of information regarding disparities of health and healthcare for low socioeconomic populations.

  • Addressing Social Determinants to Improve Patient Care and Promote Health Equity:

    An American College of Physicians Position Paper In this position paper, the American College of Physicians acknowledges the role of social determinants in health, examines the complexities associated with them, and offers recommendations on better integration of social determinants into the health care system while highlighting the need to address systemic issues hindering health equity.

  • Social Determinants of Health 101 for Health Care: Five plus Five

    Published by Dr. Sanne Magnan, MD, PhD for the National Academy of Medicine, this paper articulates five things we know and five things health care organizations need to learn to address social determinants of health for the national quality strategy.

  • Social Determinants of Health 201 for Health Care: Plan, Do, Study, Act

    This discussion paper builds on SDoH 101 (see the above link) and explores in more depth the five things to be learned, including the science and prioritization of interventions, the creation of partnerships, and how the assets of the community can further these partnerships. It provides several frameworks for integrating approaches to SDoH, social risk factors, and HRSN in health care, and proposes Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles as a quality improvement (QI) approach for health care systems.