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Internal Medicine Reporting Milestones

For Internal Medicine Residency Programs Participating in the Next Accreditation System

This curriculum addresses knowledge that is broadly necessary for developing multiple general competencies in provision of clinical care. For resident physician learners, this content particularly supports achievement of competency in:

  • Medical Knowledge, in terms of sociobehavioral and socioeconomic knowledge
  • Systems-Based Practice, with emphasis on understanding of the greater U.S. healthcare system and interprofessional team systems
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills, with emphasis on interprofessional communication and patient-centered communication.

For internal medicine residency programs participating in the ACGME Next Accreditation System, this curricular content provides special support for progress toward achievement of the following Reporting Milestones:

  • Clinical Knowledge (MK1): scientific, socioeconomic, and behavioral knowledge required to provide care for common medical conditions and basic preventive care.
  • Works effectively within an interprofessional team. (SBP1)
  • Identifies forces that impact the cost of healthcare, and advocates for, and practices cost-effective care. (SBP3)
  • Transitions patient effectively within and across health delivery systems. (SBP4)
  • Has professional and respectful interactions with patients, caregivers, and members of the interprofessional team. (PROF1)
  • Responds to each patient’s unique characteristics and needs. (PROF3)
  • Communicates effectively with patients and caregivers. (ICS1)
  • Communicates effectively in interprofessional teams. (ICS2)