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Caring with Compassion was produced collaboratively by individuals from across the disciplines of internal medicine, pediatrics, nursing, case management, social work, medical education, and technology design. We developed this curriculum to bring information regarding care of medically uninsured, underserved, and homeless populations into one, learner-friendly, consolidated website. To get the most out of this curriculum, please review the Learner’s Guide or Teacher’s Guide.


Davoren Chick, MD, FACP (lead/communicating author: dchick@acponline.org)

Dr. Chick is a clinician-educator in the Department of Internal Medicine and the Department of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School. She is a former residency program director at Michigan State University. Dr. Chick practices as a general internist and volunteers her professional services for vulnerable and homeless patients at the Delonis Shelter Clinic in Ann Arbor. Her research and scholarly work have focused on graduate medical education curriculum development and creative curriculum design.

April Bigelow, PhD, ANP-BC

Dr. Bigelow is a clinical educator with the University of Michigan School of Nursing, and coordinates their Adult Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program. She maintains an active clinical practice caring for vulnerable populations, including underinsured and homeless patients, through the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County Delonis Health Clinic. Dr. Bigelow also teaches in the graduate nursing program in the Division of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction. Dr. Bigelow’s scholarly focus includes a variety of health promotion issues within vulnerable populations, including smoking cessation and chronic disease management.

Pamela Braun Davis, MD

Dr. Davis is a clinician-educator in the Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, University of Michigan Medical School. She maintains active clinical practices at several community health clinics in Southeastern Michigan. She teaches clinical skills to medical students and supervises clinical care for graduate medical learners. She contributes her practical expertise in clinical education and delivery of care within socioeconomically disadvantaged clinical populations.

Heather Rye, LMSW

Ms. Rye is a Certified Case Manager and Complex Care Management specialist for the University of Michigan. She has practiced as a therapist in Detroit, MI, mitigating the impact of substance abuse on individuals and families. She has also worked as a primary therapist in inpatient substance abuse facilities in Michigan. She is certified in Fundamentals in Alcohol and other Drug Problems and Advanced Addiction Counseling. At U-M, she works daily to empower and support those who struggle to help themselves, to assist in navigating the health system, to link individuals with available and necessary resources, and to provide supports to physicians and health team members to ensure quality care.

F. Jacob Seagull, PhD

Dr. Seagull is on faculty in the Department of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School. He was previously Director of Education Research at the University of Maryland Department of Surgery. His areas of expertise include medical human factors, technology, aviation psychology, and human-computer interaction. His prior work has included development and testing of online professional training, and development of a computerized checklist for just-in-time training for medical emergencies. Dr. Seagull contributes his expertise in program design and data analysis.

Brent Williams, MD, MPH

Dr. Williams is a member of the department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School. His research, education, and clinical activities focus on graduate medical education, education program evaluation, and care of vulnerable populations. Dr. Williams has served as Medical Director of the Delonis Shelter Clinic of the Shelter Association of Washtenaw Countey. He currently serves as the Medical Director of the University of Michigan Complex Care Management Program (clinical care for low-income, complex patients) and Director of the Global Health and Disparities Path of Excellence at University of Michigan Medical School.

Technical Design and Communication Supports:

Technical and design expertise was provided by Michigan Creative, a team of writers, designers, project managers, photographers, and web and video professionals who provide creative services for the University of Michigan campus and University of Michigan Health System.

Financial Support:

Funding for the Caring with Compassion curriculum was provided by a Graduate Medical Education Innovations Program grant from the University of Michigan Medical School.